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wrighting & written
a scrapbook of sorts

JM is a playwright, with a writing practice that encompasses many forms of writing including poetry, journaling, lyrics, music and academic essays. Further, his interest in collaborative practices and socially engaged art has applied his writing skills across many contexts.

As a playwright, his style is greatly influenced by contemporary poetic playwrights Mac Wellman and Suzan-Lori Parks, whose work is at the center of his analysis in his doctoral thesis. Much of JM's work has explored approaches to adapting and deconstructing classic and historical texts, with an invested in interest contemporary politics. Satire and parody are often used as literary and performance devices to provoke audience and readers to reconsider their own perspective and viewpoints. His plays are often envisioned on an epic scale, and reach beyond the confines of traditional theatre spaces, as the texts themselves often allude to site-specific, immersive and participatory approaches to staging.

According to Paul Castagno in New Playwriting Strategies, “ Mac Wellman keeps a journal or scrapbook, not in a soul-searching way, but as a compilation of useful materials that can be practically applied. Many of his strange references (his interest in fur balls, or funny words like ‘wiggly’) have arisen from the scrapbook” (2012: 1612). JM's writing practice is marked by a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ approach, which manifests into a variety of forms of writing from poetry to memoir, reportage to list-making, songs to letters. As a discipline, he aims to write a minimum of thirty minutes daily, which to date, spans ninety-three journals dating back to 1997. These journals, which he refer to as ‘books’ compose an ongoing work titled, Cranology. These books exist in two forms: a set of composition notebooks with handwritten passages marked with date and time, which are later digitally archived as scanned images.

This scrapbook of 'wordz written' (and in process) is split into the following categories:


CRANOLOGY (excerpts)