PROMETHEÜS ANÜMATÜS  [Currently In Development]

RUMI HIGH: an intifada

An online interactive play developed through a series of work-in-progress performance presentations.

– Accessible at

GENTLEFUCKATION: a beautification

Follow The Mariachi Band’s tour through the neighborhood of Poxton, where Pandora Greenbeck is conducting an experiment for her science fair project: to measure the effects of environment, by placing green bean plants in secret locations. gentlefucknation swirls around the spaces of a chicken shop, a laundromat and a crumbling apartment. ChickN stews over the frying pit while the inner-thinkings of Akkiz, the laundry woman from Far Far Away Land, are haunted by La Cucaracha. Eeej and Tone are riddled by the the weather’s new normal and the gradual disappearance of their friends.

Presented as a staged reading at Railroad Playhouse, Peekskill NY (2011)

Published in 2016; available on

UP ON A-FARM: An Orwellian Ode To The Times That Are

Produced by The Blank Collective & newfangled theatReR, The Secret Garden, NYC (2004)

The Anonymous Play Cycle

ANONYMOUS_USER 0371789: constellations, conspiracies & conjectures

On a colourless planet where hope is lost, transmissions are seen across the constellationz evoking hope and revolution. However, Sublime Minister Sponge, the newly elected leader of Earth's United Remains (EUR) has a plot that could change life as we know it. Will we see this plan come to fruition? Or will Leo and the artist exiles of the Moon Colony rise up from Earth's waste and put a stop to Sponge’s plan? A deconstruction of Brecht's Life of Galileo, this final story in the Anonymous play cycle (including: Titus Anonymous, Anonimo's Osteria and Leaving Anon), perhaps concludes more than an invented mythology of Anonymous.

Produced by Drama Programme @ University of Northampton; Online, May 2021; dir. JM Rossi

Available at:

Published in 2021; available on

LEAVING ANON: anon-line project

Twelve strangers awake in Bunker 105, in the presence of Professor Gorilla, having survived a natural disaster with no knowledge of what remains of the world they once they knew, or if they will be able to return to that world…Over the course of the 2019-20 academic year, Year 2 Drama students and Drama staff at the University of Northampton were engaged in a collaboration to produce a new work of theatre based on a deconstructive study of Jean Paul Sartre’s 'No Exit' and Daniel Quinn’s 'Ishmael.' In early March 2020, the ensemble presented a staged reading of the first draft of the play and entered into a series of pre-production meetings to prepare for a two-week intensive leading to a public performance in April. Needless to say, the Covid-19 global pandemic put a halt to their process, which was adapted into a six-week online project to develop, rehearse and produce a theatrical experience curated for your online viewing pleasure.

Produced by Drama Programme @ University of Northampton; Online, July 2020; dir. JM Rossi

Available at:

Published in 2021; available on; The book includes the script and a collage of process materials and reflections for theatre-makers, educators and theatre fans to consider theatre-making processes in the digital.


Welcome to ANONIMO’S OSTERIA, based on Aeschylus’ Oresteia, a trilogy of plays circling around the House of Atreus, a family trapped in a cycle of revenge and haunted by the acts of vengeance committed by their ancestors. During the 2018-19 academic year, Drama students at the University of Northampton (UK) were tasked with deconstructing Aeschylus’ Oresteia in a collaborative process with their tutors, who modelled their own creative and professional practices as theatre-makers. The Oresteia is one of the oldest ancient playtexts that we have in its entirety; Aeschylus’ treatise on Athenian society’s reckoning with developing notions of justice. The students started the process by establishing their own individual research inquiries into the classic playtext to be deconstructed through practice in order to develop a new playtext collaboratively. We inevitably began questioning our own justice system, sharing with each other our personal notions of right and wrong, and fairness. As we held a mirror up to today’s society, the conversation grew heavy and dark, but an ensemble ethos of theatre-making and collaboration began to shed light for a way forward, though no concrete answers were reached when we quite simply asked: ‘What is Justice today?’ We did find a collective sense of openness, vulnerability and curiosity; the core ingredients to a creative process as students and staff became collaborators and fellow learners.

Produced by Drama Programme @ University of Northampton; Isham Dark Studios, Avenue Campus, May 2019; dir. JM Rossi

Published in 2019; available on; The book is a trace of and documentation of our collective exploration and deconstruction of Aeschylus’ Oresteia which culminated in a performance production that transformed the House of Atreus into an ‘osteria,’ where the Anonimo family is haunted by the recipes of their ancestors. These recipes consume the family with Fate, Fear, Blame and Vengeance.

TITUS ANONYMOUS: fragments of…

Welcome to TITUS ANONYMOUS where ‘Rome is Rome is a fiction is Rome.’ During the 2017-18 academic year, Drama students at the University of Northampton (UK) were tasked with deconstructing Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus in a collaborative process with their tutors, who modelled their own creative and professional practices as theatre-makers. The students were challenged with the need to find contemporary relevance and resonance in this early Shakespeare work, which many scholars argue is the bard’s most flawed text.  The term-long exploration and reconstruction of the text led to our need to grapple with the racist language exchanged between Shakespeare’s Romans and Goths in light of the Black Lives Matter movement; and overt misogyny in both language and action; no longer norms but points of critical debate through the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Produced by Drama Programme @ University of Northampton; Isham Dark Studios, Avenue Campus, May 2018; dir. JM Rossi

Published in 2018; available on; The book represents ‘fragments of’ the process, including the final script, production design details, reflective essays by students, and introductory essays by Drama tutors, Sarah Mullan and Rory O’Neill, writing from their unique perspective in their roles as Dramaturg and Actor, respectively. These fragments aim to give a sense of the hybridized world that was inspired by the Wild West, Ancient Rome, pop culture and today’s political landscape; while hopefully providing interpretive space for future theatre-makers to develop their own production concept.

The Amerikana Playz

A TACK OF AN AMERICAN CONSCIENCE: an attempt to catch up

Trapped in a labyrinth of public education, George finds himself in a world that has been reduced to rubble. As his wife pleads with him to give up his futile quest for knowledge and come home, and as his uncle entangles him in a web of dead-end American dream schemes, time begins to accelerate at a dizzying pace. But, George can only dig—sifting, often quite literally, through a life-sized crater in the center of his world. a TACK of an American Conscience follows an American everyman's life-long search for meaning in his country's fabricated history.

Winner of the 2002 Rod Parker Playwriting Fellowship

Produced by Emerson Stage in 2002; Boston, dir. Joe Antoun

Produced by newFangled theatReR in 2006, Red Room, NYC, dir. JM Rossi

Published in Play 'N Amerika (2016) available on

THE AMERIKAN TRIP, TIK: a prequel of plays

An abrupt power outage causes the lights to go out on King Kristopher’s great idea, sending him into a tragic downward spiral. His arch-rival and successor, Sam, takes control of the land with one not-so-hidden agenda—to wash away all memory of Kristopher, the man who stole his land and his lady. the AmerikAn trip, tik is an epic caricature of American politics that defies the structures of time in order to create a picture of how a country’s past has shaped its future—an amalgamation of history in which time loops and overlaps.

Produced by newfangled theatReR  in Boston (Staged Reading, 2004), Red Room, NYC (2005), Kraine Theatre, NYC (2006); dir. JM Rossi

Published in Play 'N Amerika (2016) available on





OPERATION AJAX AND THE COUNTRY BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a plunged up particle from the bowels of America’s wholly unimaginable and un-writable history




Sarvisalo, Helskinki, Finland – Funded by Zabludowicz Collection – An interactive mystery play addressing the issue of nuclear containment, devised in collaboration with Rachael Champion and presented at the opening of her installation, ‘Discoverers of Onkalo’ as part of the Zabludowicz Open House. Playwright – June 2018

WHODUNNIT?! THE MYSTERY OF WHO STOLE MISTER PUNCH: A dada-ist doggy-napping dinner mystery play, of sorts



Hvar, Croatia – Funded by Open House Hvar (OHH), A site-specific promenade beach performance performed by participating OHH artists, members of the community and visitors.  – August 2016



JASON, OR ONE DAY AT A TIME: a behavior report

MILK & HONEY: a trickster tale

THE WAY UP TO HEAVEN: a dramatization of the short story by Roal Dahl