Mevlana Jeluladdin Rumi High S’kool (Ω910)
666 Gumtear Road
LooseLeaf, New Hampsterdamned
Principal, Michael Bee

Dear Student:

Welcome to Rumi High!

In order to get the most of your edumacation at Rumi High, the Boarz of Edumacation urges (YOU) to follow these guidelines which will assist (YOU) in assessing the ways of our s’kool. Remember, you are in control of your edumacation. 

On your first day of s’kool, you will report to Homeroom, after going through Security. Remember: there are absolutely no phones, cameras or electronic devices allowed in the building. Leave them at home! In Homeroom, you will receive your class shedule. You must attend the classes indicated on your program card. If you do not follow this program, you run the risk of falling off track.

Our s’kool day is divided into nine class periods with passing time in between each. Period 6 is Lunch, which Coach Jim-Gym humorously calls “Feedin’ Time.” Pay close attention to where you are when, as time at Rumi High is fleeting, and passes at an unnatural rate. Before you know it, it will be June and you will be completing your first year at Rumi High, hopefully moving on to the next grade level. As you move from period to period within the s’kool day, (YOU) are cutting across an entire s’koolyear. 

Finally, I must warn (YOU): There is a corruptive element within the walls of Rumi High, known as “the ClAckAz.” This gang of do-nothings, led by a master of disguises, who goes by the name of Betty, is incredibly dangerous and your edumacation would be best served by avoiding any affiliates of Betty, at all costs. I have been working rigorously with Security to catch and persecute these troublemakers. If you have any knowledge of their activities, you should speak with me immediately.

Before you enter the world of Rumi High, please read the attached message from ‘The Draconian Typewriter’

Good luck with your edumacation!

Buzzingly yourzzzzzz,

Principal Bee