A message from
‘The Draconian Typewrighter’...http://johnmichaelrossi.org/Media/DraconianTypewrighter.mp3shapeimage_1_link_0
Before (YOU) enter the world of Rumi High,
theze thingz (YOU) should know:

All characterz, settingz and wordz appearing in this work have been written from traces of thingz already written. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, are are an example of how your traces are part of a network of traces. Together we can trace together, if you are willing, to go there.

(YOU) iz You among many U’s(erz)
(YOU) are encouraged to take risks. 
(YOU) should enable your computer to allow 
         pop-up windows, in order to have a  
         (syn)aesthetic experience. 
    Click freely, but click wizely.
    Turn up your volume.

(YOU) will become familiar with the textual life of each persona. Character names will fade away as you delve deeper into the school day .

(*) indicates an overlap in dialogue.

Samplez from the text of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ and Poemz by Jeluladdin Rumi are mixed into the text of Rumi High. This work in no way reflects the artistic intentions of Miller or Rumi, but the work would not be possible without their textual contributions.

This ‘play’ is part of a practice-based PhD. The research has led to the development of the ‘hyper(play)text.’  Rumi High is the first of its kind. The written thesis is available here. 

My playwrighting practice involves a network of ‘collabowrighters.’ Drawing from Roland Barthes’ notion of ‘writerly,’ I define ‘collabowrighterly’ as a process which involves a collaborative network that includes performers, designers and readers. This network has co-authored this text through various ‘Modes of Wrighting’ as defined in the written thesis.The list of collabowrighters is available here.

Your feedback and response to the play would be most duly welcomed and appreciated. Feedback can best be provided by sending an e-mail to TheDraconianTypewrighter@RumiHigh.org

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